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We value our patients' experience at Malibu Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Anthony Hall

5.0 star rating


My husband and I both love getting adjusted by Dr. Hall. Not only does he put our active and athletic but "slightly older" bodies back together, but he also has great preventative care and rehabilitation advice. We both highly recommend this practice!!

5.0 star rating

5.0 star rating                                                                                                        In Malibu for the summer.  Lucky to find Dr Hall.  Improving my neck pain. Amazing after a couple of visits how much better I already feel.  He offers exercises and great tips for improving your health and well being.  Offers in-house massages, which was excellent!  Had massage by his staff then an adjustment by Dr Hall.  How easy!  Flexible hours and super friendly staff.  Nancy (front desk) will greet you with her amazing smile.  This Las Vegas gal got LUCKY.

5.0 star rating


Do women past 50 forget that they're not as lithe or as nimble as in their younger days? Oh...all the time! Forgetting this impt fact can disrupt my workday by weeks, sometimes months being in such severe pain. I've been in and out of chiropractors' clinics and deep tissue massage therapists, but none of them came close to the success that my first pain-management series with Dr. Hall achieved. 
2 years ago, I had returned from my dad's funeral, at Christmas, from 18 hours of flight time away. Imagine my downtrodden psyche. Not being in the right frame of mind, I yanked my carry-on into the cabin of the Airbus380, whose cabin is way higher and larger, but not easily accessible to any 5-foot tall gal. My upper shoulder, arms, neck and back hurt so much that taking Aleve didn't help at all.  3 continuous visits-that's all it took with Dr. Hall.  Then a couple more, spaced further apart for absolute success.
Two years of being pain free, I forgot once again. And in that awful same movement, I carried heavy books from a box to a shelf.  Dumb.  Same pain, same problems.  Dr. Hall took care of it in one visit. One visit. I could move my neck left and right, and feeling only very slight pain. Two evenings later, I was on the treadmill working up a sweat, carrying light wrist weights. No pain.
Dr. Hall is such a professional.  He explains every movement he will make with precise description; instructs the patient during the session on what and how-to; and then before the patient leaves, he gives instructions on stretch exercises, pillow and sleep positions, all of which make for faster healing.  
I dont care that my health insurance does not cover my visits to Dr. Hall anymore.  I found an amazing chiropractor and he makes my life so much nicer.  I face each day pain-free thanking God for Dr. Hall.  

Dr. Hall rocks!

5.0 star rating


Having spent the majority of my life putting my feet through some major pounding with daily exercise, I had developed severe pain in my left foot. Upon visiting an Orthopedist, I had been diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma. 

The pain in my foot had gotten so intense I could barely put any weight on it. Putting my foot in a shoe was like some form of Medieval torture.
After suffering with excruciating nerve pain in my toes, I was willing to do anything to stop the pain. I had already tried Cortisone injections to no avail. The next step was to have alcohol injected into the toe area to kill the nerves. Desperate for relief, I made an appointment for this procedure, and was two days away from having the injections when I  realized how extreme it seemed to kill the nerve. I decided before going through such a drastic procedure, I would try visiting a Chiropractor. 
My husband had visited Dr. Hall on a few occasions and had always had immediate relief from his back pain.
Fortunately, when I called they said that Dr. Hall would be able to see me that same day. 
Dr. Hall was very assuring and knowledgable. He felt that with just 4-5 visits his adjustments would take care of my problem.
After one visit, the pain in my foot had been significantly reduced. 
I saw Dr. Hall for a few follow up adjustments. And now the pain is nonexistent.
I am back to my varying daily exercise of hiking 6-7 miles, walking dry sand 6-7 miles, Zumba, or surfing. 
Honestly, I cannot not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Hall. Suffice to say, he is a Miracle Worker.


" Since 2004 Dr. Tony Hall has supported my wellness and rehabilitation from injuries sustained as a result of: automobile accidents, general wear and tear that comes with age and sports related injuries. I highly recommend Dr. Hall for all your chiropractic needs."

 - Adam C. Hall (Real Estate Investor)


" Me que an preguntado porque recomiendo al Dr. Tony: Es porque el me ha quitado; dolensias que yo tenla 8 anos atras he hido a otras doctoreu que solamente son ajusteu y es todo y alguno medicamentos  que solo me latimaban mi estomago. Encambio el Dr. Tony no solo me quito el dolor de cuello que yo traia si no tambien, los dolores do cabeza que eran constantemente, cada vez eran con mas frecuencia y el trabajo junto con uno con ejercicios ajusteu masaje y asta te puede decir que comer y que no para tu buena salud. Por eso que mejor Quiropractico que Dr. Tony." 

                                                                            - Stefani

Annette E.

"It is amazing how much stress comes out of my body from getting a treatment.  If I don't come in my body trickles down to being tired, overwhelmed, and my mind gets foggy."  And when I get adjusted, I feel relaxed, clear minded and have more energy.  Dr. Hall is knowlegable, personable, and is willing to be accomodating. I highly recommend him."

Jeff L.

" I couldn't move my back.  In with the first treatment I was able to move again, and by the second treatment most of my pain was gone. Dr. Hall put me on a specific exercise program. Now it is healed after 10 years of back problems. I have seen many chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Hall is by far the best."

Mark B.

" Dr. Hall helped me to get out of my back pain and gave me exercises to strengthen my back, and stay out of pain.  He is the best and most caring doctor I have met."


" Dear Dr. Hall,

You are a miracle worker. I came in with a very bad back. You did your magic. The next day I was feeling a lot better. However, I did continue to wear the lumbar belt for the next few days. Within five days I had no pain at all and have been better ever since. Thank you for all your help."

                                                                                                       - Evan Gary (Sales)

" I've been using Chiropractic care for over 15 years as a means to maintain back health and strength. I have seen Dr. Hall in the past year and his technique and results are amazing! He does a deep tissue massage prior to my adjustment which loosens my back muscles to make my adjustment more effective. Dr. Hall gets in "deeper" than any of the other Chiropractors I've seen."

                                                                                                                     - Megan Blake

" Tony Hall is a wonderful person and a great Chiropractor. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Hall and have him instruct me in an effort to heal from an infection after a recent surgery. Dr. Hall was caring, knowledgeable and amazingly accurate in his diagnosis and treatment plan. I am deeply moved by his compassion and thorough attention to detail. Thank you Dr. Hall."

                                                                                                                     - Dennis

" Thank you so much for the informative and entertaining presentation for our parents. They really enjoyed learning all of the little details that we need to know to make good food choices! "

                                                                                                               -Yalile P.

" I am Paul, a professor at Pepperdine University. I came to Dr. Hall with severe back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. After a month and a half of treatment (spinal adjustment, STEM treatment, massage, and physical therapy) I am almost completely pain free in those areas. Almost all of my flexibility has returned and I am learning to strengthen my body to prevent further pain."

                                                                                                              -Paul B.

" I sustained a lower back injury during a football game which created difficulty focusing on my school work or sitting for long periods of time. When I went to my doctor, he prescribed pain killers and sent me out the door; but over time the pain increased until I could hardly bear my own weight. Dr. Hall arranged his schedule to meet with me as a walk-in. After an initial assessment, he immediately identified my problem and clearly explained the methods and costs that he wanted to implement in my treatment. Within a week, I was out of pain and another two weeks concluded my treatment. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Hall went the extra mile to ensure that I understood the cause and treatment of my injury and even went so far as to teach me proper strengthening and prevention techniques to ensure that I do not injure myself again. I highly recommend him."

                                                                                                  -Brandon L. 

" Dr. Hall's unique knowledge of massage therapy, sports medicine, and chiropractic medicine make him an invaluable resource for people with spine problems. I came to him with a disc injury that was causing me constant, unbearable pain. With his help, I am now completely pain free and profoundly thankful for having found such a wonderful doctor. I can't thank you enough Dr. Hall!"

                                                                                                -Maia Z.

"As a professional yoga and fitness instructor, my health and well being is my priority in life. I first met Dr. Hall after I incurred an injury over doing it in a yoga class. I had literally heard my joint pop out of socket while I was doing a standing split! After nursing my injury for several months, I discovered Dr. Hall. Needless to say, my injury was definitely impacting my teaching and personal yoga practice. After 2 sessions I was able to go into full splits again with ease and grace. It was absolutely amazing! What I love about Dr. Hall is that he works with you with the intention and wisdom that he wants to teach you what you need to know so that you don't have to be coming back to him repeatedly. He wants you to be your own healer.  I also went to Dr. Hall for a traumatic car accident and he treated both me and my six year old son beautifully. Dr. Hall is a wonderful and kindhearted man and a doctor of integrity, compassion, and wisdom. I would recommend him to any of my students, friends and family. Dr. Hall rocks!"

                                                                                           -Liza S. 


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